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Magic Bangla Tele Media Ltd. for Channel private satellite television network in Bangladesh; a Bengla-language, national network will be available soon to viewers throughout the country, as well as in South and South-East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Australia. Our objective is to build up a modern TV channel that is committed to bring a positive change through valuable information, rich cultural entertainment and traditional religious thoughts.

The non-residential Bangle in the Middle East Countries have been living for a long past. There are lot of TV channel but not like of their home flavors.

The aim of Channel is to reach most of the people, most of the time and to be a visible and significant presence in every corner of Bangladesh. Our intent is to provide a popular, responsible and quality television service for the people of our country and promote the image of the humanity as a whole to the entire world.

Fact File

The Channel production and broadcasting facility is being built on top of theDhaka, Bangladesh. This will be the heart of Channel nationwide broadcasts and from here Channel will reach out to people into every corner of the country and the globe.

  • Channel will be primarily a satellite television network. Anybody with a cable or satellite connection with “Smart Set-Top Box” will be able to receive its programs.
  • Channel will begin test transmissions with-in six month after getting permeation.
  • Channel will be broadcasting 24 hours a day, everyday…
    • With a full schedule of Bangla-language programming…
    • Including News & Current Affairs, Religious teachings, Entertainment & Drama, Music & Art, Sports & Events, Education, Social Issues & Children’s Programs…
    • Channel will be No.1 for Information and Entertainment in Bangladesh!

Our Vision

Commitment to a positive social change through objective information and rich cultural entertainment.

Our Missions:

We Will
be the 1st choice of our viewers
promote the image of Bangladesh and reach all Bengali speaking people worldwide
be a major player in the electronic media and promote the invisible technical quality of our new generation

We will achieve our mission through
People: Creativity, talent and professionalism of our human resources
Technology: Effective use of the latest digital technology
News: Objective news presentation
Resource: Optimal utilization of resources
Program: Innovative programming

Our Values

We shall apply very high standard of integrity and responsibility towards society.


The sponsors of the Channel project:
1. Syed Mahmud Sazzad- Chairman
2. Salim Ahmed Dalim- Managing Director
3. Md. Enamul Haque Molla- (Supreme Court) Deputy Attorney General For Bangladesh
Syed Mahmud Sazzad is discharging the responsibilities of the Chairman of Magic Bangla Tele Media Ltd.
Channel consists of the following major departments:

  • Broadcast Operations and Engineering
  • Program
  • Sales and Marketing
  • News and Current Affairs
  • Finance
  • Administration and Human Resources

From the very beginning we are planning to broadcast our programs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Up to 40% of the Channel programming will be produced in-house, and much of it live and studio based. Viewers in Bangladesh, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia and (in future USA/Canada) will be able to tune to our Free-To-Air (FTA) satellite channel.

Syed Mahmud Sazzad (Chairman), as expert broadcast engineer having wide national and international engineering and management experience with television industries in transmission and equipment of Channel. He is working collaboratively with an excellent and promising young team to make it a success.


Channel will develop a balanced schedule of programming that will reflect the values and ideals of public service broadcasting. We shall offer education, entertainment, comprehensive news and informational coverage on a substantial regional as well as national level. Quality and consistency in programming will determine the success of Channel. We will achieve all that and much more.

To that end Channel is conducting extensive research into audience profiles, their habits, likes and dislikes. TV ownership is growing dramatically in Bangladesh and people are getting hungry for the current news affairs and entertainment.

The Department of Program is headed by Self Syed Mahmud Sazzad (Chairman), a Drama Producer of Bangladesh Batter & TV Writer. A dedicated production team is already working for qualitative program production. The different cells that fall under the Program Department are as follows:

The ON AIR promotion and follow-up with our audience for possible feedback and further participation to improve program quality. Apart from these ESA will develop a number of in-house programs ranging from programs for children to outstanding women of our times, preparing our national political leaders of parliament to understand and face the electronic media for better democracy.

Children Programs
Children and young people will have a special place on Channel screen. We will broadcast programs made solely by the children themselves, empowering the future citizens to have their say, to make their views known to the world. Cartoons, vital part of children’s entertainment will be a major part of our programming. Channel(s) screen will be designed for all ages, from pre-school to teenagers.

Purchase of programs from outside sources
An independent producer brings a program for sale to Channel. A Preview Panel consisting of selected personnel from the departments of Program, Sales and marketing and Engineering views the tape for program make, aesthetic sense, picture and sound quality, etc. and decides to select or reject the program. If selected, it may be an outright purchase where all rights for unlimited broadcast remains with Channel. In case of license, Channel can air the program for a specified period of times where the number of times for airing is fixed as well.

Commissioning programs
The Program department commissions an outside producer to produce a program for Channel. Here we finance the project cost and all rights for the program remains solely with Channel. The producer is given a fee for making the program.

In-house production
The Program department allocates the budget from its own resources for in-house program production to the station producers.

Cancellations or suspensions:
1. Advertisers may cancel contracts by giving a notice in writing not less than four weeks prior to the date from which cancellation is desired.
2. Channel reserves the right to discontinue, postpone or cancel any program without prior notice.
3. Spots contracted for may be suspended at the advertiser’s request, provided that at least two days notice in writing is given by the advertiser. A contract cannot remain suspended for more than four weeks after which the contract will automatically be suspended and revised.

Program content:
The advertiser will not have any say on the program content, production or editing of any sponsored program except in the case of a program where the sponsor have naming right. Channel(s) reserves the right to select program content, produce and edit sponsored programs without hindrance of any kind from the sponsor.

Changes in rates and conditions:
Channel reserves the right to change the rates and conditions without prior notice. However, contracts already entered upon will not be affected by this change.

Satellite Television is a fast growing industry in Bangladesh. We at Channel believe in transmitting something that will reflect positively on the society. Channel broadcasting schedule will comprise of live news, headlines, current affairs, informational and educational programming designed to reach a nation-wide audience of all ages, interests and beliefs. Our programming will be projecting and promoting a positive and accurate picture of our country.

It is natural that a lot of Bangladeshis do know very little about their own country, events and happenings in the towns and villages and in the outside world that we never seem to hear or see about. But our audience research shows that people are really knowledge hungry about these affairs. Very important things are happening every day, in government and public sectors, in development and social affairs that directly relate to our lives. In terms of business, industry, technology, agriculture, health and education there is still so much to understand. Channel(s) will pay special attention to meet these needs. Being a developing nation we do have lots of problems to solve, but there are so many positive things about our country. And Channel wants to produce such features that will be available for use by the government and international news agencies.

News will be an important part of our live telecast for special events and happenings from remote areas of Bangladesh. We have already a dedicated correspondents team, journalists and producers all over Bangladesh to cover stories of importance, and we will have stories from all corners of the world on the day, everyday.

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